Gene Hamil

Filming Director
Stone Dead Rep

Gene Hamil is a director, an actor, master of web design, graphic design, audio engineer, and more.

Growing up in Louisiana and Mississippi, Gene Hamil grew up with many artistic and creative genres ranging from modern to antique design. He credits the artistic masters of the past along with many modern artists in vast categories as his main driving influences.

Gene Hamil’s first movie directing gig was The Documentary of OzBo, a movie that he wrote and produced. The movie became an indywood hit reaching audiences all over America, Japan, and Australia. He later wrote, directed, acted, and produced the hit indywood mini-series Mississippi Para Chasers. From directing he also acted in several Travel Channel programs; Ghost Adventures and Most Terrifying Places in America.

Over the years Gene Hamil has worked with many talented entertainers such as CEO of Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra Shea Arender. Gene worked with Shea on many projects including the Harold Arlen Broadway musical “The Wonderful Wizard Of Song” (Composer of the Wizard Of Oz) and the off-Broadway production “Shea: Prince of Christmas”. “Shea: Prince Of Christmas” was announced as one of the top 5 shows to see On/Off-Broadway by CBS New York.


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