Urban Legends of American Dead

American Dead

Ever wondered how your favorite urban legends actually happened? American Dead…a new original drama series is based on real American urban legends.

American Dead season 1 is slated for eight fifteen minute episodes.



Stone Dead Media only accepts audition applications. If we decide that you are a good fit for this project or another one we will contact you. At that point if you decide to move forward with us we do require a back-ground check which will consist of a small fee. This is required to make sure that our project work team is performing their duties in a safe environment. If you have been found guilty of any felony or in the process of any type of legal trouble do not apply.

If you pass the back-ground check we will submit you with a work agreement. Once the work agreement is approved we will give you the dates and times for filming.

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Sponsorship Packages

We love it when people get involved in our awesome projects.  We offer several sponsorship packages to help you advertise.

We offer 3 sponsorship packages.

Stone Dead Coffin $50: We give you a poster signed by the director him/herself.

Stone Dead Tombstone $100: We give you a poster signed by the director him/herself and list you in the credits.

Stone Dead Package $200: We give you a poster signed by the director him/herself, list you in the credits, and showcase your product in a scene in the film!

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